Gainsborough - Grove Green - Kingswood Roads

Successful FORA Campaign

In 2015 London Borough Waltham Forest along with two other London boroughs were awarded 30 million pounds to pilot improved cycling infrastructure across the borough. Some of the changes have been more successful than others. One particular junction which is where Gainsborough/Grove Green/Kingswood Roads meet has been of particular concern. This junction, following redesign during the Mini Holland cycle scheme, became dangerous as cars could not turn left from Kingswood Road onto Gainsborough Road without entering the oncoming lane. We are very pleased than Waltham Forest Council has responded to residents concerns and improved the junction layout so that vehicles can now turn left safely. This is another successful FORA led campaign so well done to all who participated. FORA very much welcomes this spirit of consultation and communication between residents and Waltham Forest Council.

As you can see from this video cars are now able to turn left without entering the oncoming lane.

Thank you to Laura O’Callaghan from East London Guardian 

Looking down Kingswood Road

Dangerous Leytonstone Junction reported on by Waltham Forest Guardian

By Laura O’Callaghan Reporter for East London Guardian Phone: 07824530130

Drivers who use a junction which was altered by the council to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians say it’s an “accident waiting to happen”.

Waltham Forest Council introduced a blended ‘Copenhagen’ crossing at the junction of Kingswood Road and Grove Green Road, Leytonstone earlier this year.

Neighbours say due to the narrowness of the junction, they are forced to either mount the pavement when turning left onto Grove Green Road, or drive onto the path of oncoming traffic.

Although the aim of the Copenhagen crossing is to slow cars down, residents say its poor design has made the junction into a hazard for walkers and drivers alike.

Everald Campbell, 60, of Poppleton Road said: “When I’m turning I either have to come so close to the kerb that I’m on the pavement or go onto the opposite side of the road.

“These are two terrible options and you don’t have a safe way in turning left.

“The traffic on the opposite side of the road comes around the bend at speed and if you’re only a second out it can cause an accident. I’m extremely concerned about it.”

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Changes to Junction of Kingswood Rd/Gainsborough/Grove Green Roads

As part of the Mini Holland scheme many changes have been made to roads and junctions across the borough with the aim of promoting walking, cycling, healthier living and reducing pollution. 

There are strong feelings among local residents about the scheme as roads are regularly grid locked and pollution is amongst the highest in the country. However, some of the changes do not simply slow traffic down but, we believe, increase the danger of accidents.   One example of this is the junction of Kingswood Road with Gainsborough/Grove Green Road. Here the new Mini Holland style junction has resulted in the introduction of a new bottleneck in traffic flow as vehicles cannot pass in both directions at once. The geometry of the junction is such that to turn left from Kingswood Road onto Gainsborough Road requires that you enter the oncoming lane. i.e. you have to enter the oncoming lane in order to enter the road, and vehicles turning left into Kingswood road are mounting the kerb when there is traffic queuing in the junction.

Dangerous Mini Holland Junction

Dangerous Mini Holland Junction

Clearly the Mini Holland scheme is new and will inevitably be a learning process but there is a strong feeling among local residents that  this particular junction is dangerous and will result in death or serious injury if it is not remodelled soon. FORA members have written to the council and local councillors but have been told this will be assessed in due course. We believe this dangerous junction should be reviewed as a matter of urgency before anyone is hurt.