Lovely evening at FORA Christmas get together

Vaseem leading the way

Our thanks to all who attended and supported and continue to do so year round. We had a good turnout of members and supporters. Including Forest ward Cllrs Shabana Dhedhi and Gerry Lyons.

Recognition also due to Chair Vaseem Gill, Tony Fernandes, Martin Sepion, Heather Semmens, Najma Mir, Trevor Hurst, Louise Buchanan, Alan Marvin and June Marvin of Team FORA who drive it.

Sadly founder/member Trevor Goodchild was unable to join us yesterday but nonetheless very much appreciated.
Wishing well for the season and 2019
Stay blessed and blissed
Tony Fernandes, Vice Chair FORA

Tony finishing his first course
The Star of India made sure nobody left hungry 

Forest Glade Autumn Litter Tidy Up- Saturday 27th October 2018 /10-11 am

Foggy autumn in Forest Glade

. Meet at the corner of Poppleton and Forest Glade (behind St.Andrew’s Church) . Pickers, gloves, bags, collection etc. provided courtesy of Open Spaces and Constable Ian Greer (Corporation of London) Good Saturday morning workout! and it makes a huge difference to the environment. Just turn up for whenever or for as long as you can spare! We suggest considering sturdy footwear and long sleeved trousers and tops and perhaps a snack or beverage.

FORA visits Parliament

Big Ben 18 November 2015

Big Ben 18 November 2015

On Wednesday evening a group of Leytonstone residents visited The Houses of Parliament and were treated to an informative and highly entertaining personal tour by our member of parliament John Cryer MP.
We met John in Westminster Hall built 1097-99, he came straight from the division lobby where he had been voting on a bill in the commons. John is an excellent and highly knowledgeable speaker and gave us a fascinating history of the parliament buildings, an explanation of how parliament works today, and many anecdotes and stories from behind the scenes at Westminster.

John Cryer MP with residents of Leytonstone at Westminster

John Cryer MP with residents of Leytonstone at Westminster

We saw bomb damage from both the IRA attacks of the 1970s and the Luftwaffe from the Second World War. We saw where kings and queens of England where laid in state. We saw where the gunpowder had been deposited in the 1605 gunpowder plot. We saw the statue where the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison chained herself during a protest for women’s rights in 1911. We saw the door Black Rod knocks on during the state opening of parliament by the Queen. We entered the division lobby where members of parliament vote for or against by entering either the ‘Aye’ or the ‘No’ lobbies. While waiting for John we heard the division bell ring calling MPs to a vote in the commons. We entered the commons chamber and stood by the dispatch box where David Cameron, Harold Wilson, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, and Clement Atlee among many others have stood and made their speeches. We heard about the seating arrangements and protocol in the commons and found out the origin of the term ‘toeing the line’.
John described the traditions of the commons and shared stories of some of the colourful characters who have been elected over the years.

FORA residents with their Member of Parliament

FORA residents with their Member of Parliament

All of the members of our group felt the event was highly informative as well as wonderfully entertaining. On behalf of FORA I would like to express our appreciation to John for an insiders view of parliament and for being an excellent host.

If you would like to find out more about this topic visit the Parliament website
By Martin Sepion