Round up of issues affecting Leytonstone Residents

FORA’s committee met last night (11th March 2019) and discussed many current issues and events in Leytonstone and I thought I would share these with you.

Due to a strong response from residents across London there will be a further consultation over the concentrated flight paths of aircraft coming from City Airport. City airport has grown markedly since it’s opening and is now allowed to operate larger aircraft directly over Leytonstone. Flight paths have also been concentrated leaving residents with 18 hours per day of aircraft noise pollution. We will be following HACAN East to get news of the consultation period and let you know as soon as we can.

Events: FORA has a litter pick on Sat 6th April and our AGM (with talk on the NHS and Fish & Chip supper) on Sat 4th May 6-9pm. Further events are being planned, so watch this space.

Concern has been raised as to how the new street cycle lockers are allocated. Our view is that people living in flats with nowhere to store bikes should be given priority. As a FORA resident living in flats in Dyson Road has been unsuccessful in her request for a space in a cycle locker.

There has been a consultation on redevelopment of Whipps Cross Hospital and questions have been raised by local residents about how this will impact upon hospital users. Hospitals belong to the nation but the land appears to have been sold to private property developers. Proposals will leave fewer beds supporting a growing population.

FORA has secured funding for a community noticeboard to be installed on the corner of Colworth and Preston Roads. We are open to suggestions for how this could benefit local residents.

The speed limit on Whipps Cross Road has been reduced from 40 to 30mph please be careful not to get a ticket as you use this road.

Questions were raised about who in the council to raise the issue of vehicles parking on the pavement. The CPZ parking enforcement do not appear to be responsible for these infringements. Pavement parking is particularly hazardous to the elderly, disabled and children using the footpaths.

FORA planted bulbs last October and have begun to see daffodils emerging from the base of street trees. We are pleased to have had many compliments for the way this has brightened up the area.

FORA has been liaising with other Leytonstone based residents associations and have agreed to work together on a number of issues relevant to all residents in Leytonstone.

If you would like to raise an issue or help us out with an event or activity get in touch via the following e-mail address

Martin Sepion,
FORA Committee

Martin Sepion, FORA Committee

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