Leytonstone Residents let down by politicians over decision to allow continued expansion of City Airport

At a recent FORA committee meeting anger and disappointment from local residents was sadly noted as ministers gave the green light for the latest set of expansion proposals for London City Airport. See the following article in The Guardian

Since the concentration of City Airport flight paths directly over Leytonstone aircraft noise has significantly reduced the quality of life of people living in East London. The further increases agreed in July will only make the problem worse.

Anti airport expansion campaigners have made the following points:-

  • Airports should not be based in cities
  • Aircraft noise pollution has serious negative health effects
  • Aircraft particle emissions are harmful to human health
  • Increased air travel is not environmentally sustainable
  • Our country needs a strategic transport strategy written by a responsible government able to think ahead

For more information on the impact of aircraft noise on human health see some recent research from Professor Stephen Stansfeld from Queen Mary College University of London

If you would like to find out more or join the campaign to stop the growth of airports in cities see the following links

If you do not live under one of London City Airport’s flight paths and want to know what it is like see the following video we made in May 2016.



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