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A Freedom Walk in Leytonstone: Leytonstone’s connections to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and its struggles for a multi-ethnic, multi-faith community.

#BlackHistoryMonth Following on from popular demand Peter Ashan presents in conjunction with Waltham Forest, London Borough of Culture 2019 Freedom Walk Leytonstone Sunday 13th October 2019 / 2pm-4pm Meet outside Leytonstone Library, Church Lane E11 1HG

Local Historian Peter Ashan leading a walk in Leytonstone 2019 Photo: Martin Sepion

What did the Buxton family, William Wilberforce and others have in common with the slave trade’s abolition and history. Horace Waller missionary and campaigner once lived at the Leytonstone Vicarage (now Matalan) where Abdullah Susi and a former child slave, James Chum once lived for a spell in 1874. What mission were they engaged on?

“Remembering Slavery and its legacy 1807 – 2007” author, writer and academic Peter Ashan (himself a child of Empire and Windrush) will lead this enlightening journey of exploration and discovery. Part of the Leytonstone Festival

Route takes us via Leytonstone House and Quaker House (Bushwood) ending at 4 pm

With thanks also to and Quaker Meeting House

Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Muslim contribution to allied victory in World War One

Many nationalities contributed to the allied victory of the First World War but are missing from our history books, the mainstream media and our national consciousness. This wonderful exhibition attempts to help redress this by providing moving stories of heroism and sacrifice from those whose contribution has been forgotten.

Allied Soldiers during World War One

This Free Event Organized by FORA was put together by The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation and is based upon their book ‘The Unknown Fallen’

Date: Friday 8 November 2019 10am – 4pm Saturday 9 November 2019 10am – 1pm Sunday 10 November 2019 12am – 4pm Venue: St John’s Leytonstone Church Hall, High Road, London, E11 1HH

The Unknown Fallen

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