Current Campaigns

Improve access to Leytonstone Tube Station
FORA believes that a busy tube station like Leytonstone should be accessible to people with shopping, buggies, disabilities and the elderly. Our view is that the station should have a lift or ramp to enable greater access. If you feel strongly about this issue and would like to support our campaign please get in touch or comment below.

Leytonstone Tube - good for fit people with no kids or shopping

Leytonstone Tube – good for fit people with no kids or shopping









Sign petition to Mayor of London for step free access to Leyton & Leytonstone stations

Campaign to stop the intensification of overhead flights from City Airport
FORA has led the local campaign to oppose increasing air traffic over Leytonstone. See the HACAN East website for further information on this issue.


Advice from AEF  on what to do if you are impacted by aircraft noise.





Campaigning toward a litter free Borough
FORA is working to clean up our area. If you would like to help out why not join one of our cleanup events. Report Fly Tipping. Encourage local schools to keep our area clean.

Fallen ‘Hero’ Forest Glade Summer 2016

Crime reduction
FORA works together with residents, local police and the council to find ways to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

2 thoughts on “Current Campaigns

  1. Amber says:


    I am due to have a baby in May. I don’t drive and am very worried that neither Leytonstone tube station or the overground has a lift.

    I know I will feel very trapped once I start needing to use a buggy.

    Please can you let me know how I can support your campaign? I am aware of the DDA law – is this situation not illegal? How do disabled people in Leytonstone manage?

    Local resident

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