FORA plants wildflowers at Tesco Leytonstone

Volunteers from FORA cleared away litter and planted wildflowers in a flowerbed outside Tesco Leytonstone today (Sat 30th Jan). The idea is part of FORA’s campaign to improve the area as a place to live and work.  Planting wildflowers increases the bio-diversity of the area and is particularly helpful in increasing numbers of bees and butterflies. More plants also help to improve air quality, a major issue in our area as it is bisected by the A12 link road.

FORA Volunteers hard at work

FORA Volunteers hard at work

Wildflower seeds were provided as part of the Grow Wild Campaign led by the Royal Horticultural Society. We are also grateful to Tesco who support us in our efforts to tidy up and improve the area.

We hope you enjoy the wildflowers as they appear through the spring and summer. If you would like to find out more about our events and activities, see our events page or our current campaigns page or get in touch via or add a comment below.

There was a lot of litter to pick up in this busy spot

There was a lot of litter to pick up in this busy spot


3 thoughts on “FORA plants wildflowers at Tesco Leytonstone

  1. Kiandra Stokes says:

    Hi. Do you know that Tesco have removed the beautiful wild flowers to make space for more parking. Those flowers brought a lot of joy to people.
    I am going to campaign against Tesco.
    What are your thoughts.
    Thank you

    • GB says:

      It’s terrible what Tesco have done. I e-mailed the CEO at this address:

      My fear is that the razing of this flower bed is only the beginning. I’m wondering if they’re going to want to clear out the other natural spots or even cut down mature trees, of which there are a couple of beauties. Very concerned.

      The logic of needed more parking spaces doesn’t compute. The manager told me it was to create more disabled spots. The borough of Waltham Forest is encouraging fewer people to drive their cars. If fewer able-bodied people are driving, then logically Tesco instead could have taken some of the non-disabled parking spaces and designated them to disabled spaces instead of destroy the flower bed.

  2. Kathie Fuller says:

    I, too, was devastated when the wildflower garden was removed. It always seemed to be full of bees and butterflies. I was a bit slow in contacting Tesco’s and then discovered that they had rebuilt the flower bed. Today there were just a few plants in it, but fingers crossed it will, once again, become an attraction to bees and butterflies

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