Changes to Junction of Kingswood Rd/Gainsborough/Grove Green Roads

As part of the Mini Holland scheme many changes have been made to roads and junctions across the borough with the aim of promoting walking, cycling, healthier living and reducing pollution. 

There are strong feelings among local residents about the scheme as roads are regularly grid locked and pollution is amongst the highest in the country. However, some of the changes do not simply slow traffic down but, we believe, increase the danger of accidents.   One example of this is the junction of Kingswood Road with Gainsborough/Grove Green Road. Here the new Mini Holland style junction has resulted in the introduction of a new bottleneck in traffic flow as vehicles cannot pass in both directions at once. The geometry of the junction is such that to turn left from Kingswood Road onto Gainsborough Road requires that you enter the oncoming lane. i.e. you have to enter the oncoming lane in order to enter the road, and vehicles turning left into Kingswood road are mounting the kerb when there is traffic queuing in the junction.

Dangerous Mini Holland Junction

Dangerous Mini Holland Junction

Clearly the Mini Holland scheme is new and will inevitably be a learning process but there is a strong feeling among local residents that  this particular junction is dangerous and will result in death or serious injury if it is not remodelled soon. FORA members have written to the council and local councillors but have been told this will be assessed in due course. We believe this dangerous junction should be reviewed as a matter of urgency before anyone is hurt.

4 thoughts on “Changes to Junction of Kingswood Rd/Gainsborough/Grove Green Roads

  1. Mr Philip Butcher says:

    Tonight yet again I’ve run the gauntlet of
    the new junction at kings wood rd and
    grove green , last week I was missed by inches by a transit van that never even
    slowed as it approached the give way line
    before the junction, and tonight again at
    Queens road a car just turned in from grove green as I was crossing, on remonstrating with the driver and trying
    to explain the priorities of the new junction
    was nearly hit by a car coming out of Queens road who drove up the pavement
    in his impatience an wheel spun out in grove green .
    There’s no signs telling drivers of priority
    someone will be seriously hurt at these

  2. Mr H says:

    Agree with mr butcher – those 2 junctions are accidents waiting to happen – drivers seem mostly to be unaware of the changed priority on the raised pavements – they simply drive straight across and do not give priority to pedestrians.

  3. Janice Mitchell says:

    This Junction is dangerous for Pedestrian, Cyclists and drivers .
    When turning Left out of the junction into Gainsborough Road you have to literally turn onto the on coming traffic heading towards Grove Green road.Because of the area of greenery next to the junction you cannot see the traffic coming from Grove green road and have to pull to the top of the junction to be able to see .

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