Aircraft Noise over Leytonstone Residents Angry

Flight Noise Meeting

Discussions went on long after the meeting ended

Meeting in Leytonstone

On Friday 22nd April 2016 Leytonstone residents met at the Epicentre with representatives of HACAN East and local MP John Cryer to discuss the issue of increased aircraft noise over Leytonstone. The meeting was well attended and included some lively discussion.

Map of New Concentrated City Airport Flight Paths over Leytonstone

Map of New Concentrated City Airport Flight Paths over Leytonstone

Background to Aircraft Noise Issue

Since opening in 1988 London City Airport has grown dramatically. Passenger numbers and flight numbers have increased even more sharply over the past year. In the last year City Airport has grown faster than any other London airport. In February 2016 the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and Newham Council, despite objections from local residents, granted City Airport the right to concentrate flight paths. Tragically, for residents of Leytonstone, and other parts of East London, this has resulted in almost continuous aircraft noise from low flying aircraft overhead. Aircraft from City Airport have to keep beneath the higher flight paths reserved for Heathrow and Stansted which also over-fly Leytonstone. This makes them very noisy in this heavily populated area. Indeed London Borough of Waltham Forest is the 3rd most over-flown of the 33 London Boroughs after Hounslow and Richmond. CAA has stipulated that City Airport conduct a consultation with local residents within a year of the operation of the new concentrated flight paths.  This consultation must be completed by February 2017.

In addition to the increase in flights and the concentration of the flight path over Leytonstone City Airport has requested permission to fly further (e.g. Istanbul and Moscow) and also to use larger aircraft. CAA is currently considering this request and will announce it’s decision over the summer.

What you can do

If you feel strongly about this you can:-

Robert Barnstone from HACAN East will be attending FORA’s meeting on 14th May 2016 at St Andrew’s Church. He will give a short talk and will be available for questions afterwards.

FORA plants wildflowers at Tesco Leytonstone

Volunteers from FORA cleared away litter and planted wildflowers in a flowerbed outside Tesco Leytonstone today (Sat 30th Jan). The idea is part of FORA’s campaign to improve the area as a place to live and work.  Planting wildflowers increases the bio-diversity of the area and is particularly helpful in increasing numbers of bees and butterflies. More plants also help to improve air quality, a major issue in our area as it is bisected by the A12 link road.

FORA Volunteers hard at work

FORA Volunteers hard at work

Wildflower seeds were provided as part of the Grow Wild Campaign led by the Royal Horticultural Society. We are also grateful to Tesco who support us in our efforts to tidy up and improve the area.

We hope you enjoy the wildflowers as they appear through the spring and summer. If you would like to find out more about our events and activities, see our events page or our current campaigns page or get in touch via or add a comment below.

There was a lot of litter to pick up in this busy spot

There was a lot of litter to pick up in this busy spot