Leytonstone Community Groups Come Together

Following a recent FORA committee decision, Martin Sepion & Tony Fernandes recently set up an inaugural informal meet up of representatives of local resident associations and groups such as:-


We would like to include other Leytonstone groups in future including:-
FARA , Leytonstone Transition , BARA, Friends of Langthorne Park, Francis Road Group to name only a few.

The Purpose

To get to know what sort of dis/similar issues others might be facing, to connect and share resources and connections to improve the overall quality of life in and around E11, whilst still doing what each does in their own patch best.

Work together using the power of critical mass leverage to collaboratively and more effectively harness citizen power via campaigns, media etc. to progresss solutions to issues affecting us all , especially since council election are due in May 2018

To develop a platform for capturing and acting upon input feedback via a proper online /offline forum

A steering group for E11 such as can be described under such potential names as#RebrandDestinationLeytonstoneE11 #Leytonstonia #MyLeytonstone #CatalystLeytonstone # .The simpler and punchier the better . Your thoughts are welcome as always


Raise profile of Leytonstone
Support local business /discount schemes /affiliation and cross utilization of same
Improve appearance and image of E11.Smarter .More welcoming. Using Hitchcock as an icon as also others Damon Albarn, David Bailey, Talvin Singh, Jonathan Ross, Derek Jacobi etc.
Leverage critical mass for campaigns such as https://www.facebook.com/CleanLeytonstoneE11/

Looking into the strategic town plan for E11 Big Picture if any?
Using the wisdom of the crowd to inform planning decisions rather than mostly parachuting them in via planners etc. who do not necessarily live here ?
To work with the people of Leytonstone to reboot E11 whilst working alongside local govt towards a better quality of life, joined up thinking and resources.


Some issues mentioned include
CPZ Controlled Parking Zone
Local transport/Traffic management
Parking for local businesses #ShopLocalCampaign
Local business mix and shopping planning
Contract management
Parish council concept and appropriateness for E11? Political or community driven or a mix of both ?

NOTE : FORA as a residents association has no political or religious affiliation and that will not change

Mini Holland –implementation and value/delivery /costs –bang for buck

Need for free or pepper corn rent /low cost venues access for local groups non profit ie film club etc. , social prescription remit etc. which by reducing isolation etc. can save money by reducing the need for people to go back into the NHS, mental health services


Looking at a Leytonstone Business Directory plus resources such as done by Wanstead Village Business Directory produced by Lee Marquis as also for Snaresbrook and South Woodford
Pan E11 /East London Discount scheme expansion potentially digitial and the need for a common logo etc. in shops windows and such to recognize them visibly and act as reminders and enticement to join up your local resident associations etc.

Support local charity groups to achieve by co-working, publicizing and utilizing under or unused resources in the community , which may be owned by local Govt or similar
Examples :Church and Harrow Green Libraries, soon to close Leytonstone Job Centre + , Ols Police Station , Old Learning Link by Birbeck Tavern and such
Need for a Lidl/Aldi type store to compete with the likes of Tesco Superstore etc. especially for those who don’t use cars etc. to shop elsewhere such as Morrisons in Wanstead and such
Using the wisdom of the crowd to inform planning decisions rather than parachuting them in from planners etc. who do not live here
Joined up thinking
Political education /Safe seat apathy / being taken for granted except at election times
To make local agencies of govt etc. to sit up and take notice of the power of consolidating our powers, reach and critical mass leverage to be more effective in getting things done in the borough etc
What are the coverage by numbers of various local resident associations and online groups
Promoting and publicising local initiative such as Hitchcock’s Home Pop Up’s Hitchcock Museum /Here’s to Hitchcock of Leytonstone Foundation. Leytonstone Festival etc .

Eco-heritage trail to include Wanstead, Hitch House, St John’s, Vestry House, Walthamstow Wetlands, etc.

Some models to look at?


Gainsborough - Grove Green - Kingswood Roads

Successful FORA Campaign

In 2015 London Borough Waltham Forest along with two other London boroughs were awarded 30 million pounds to pilot improved cycling infrastructure across the borough. Some of the changes have been more successful than others. One particular junction which is where Gainsborough/Grove Green/Kingswood Roads meet has been of particular concern. This junction, following redesign during the Mini Holland cycle scheme, became dangerous as cars could not turn left from Kingswood Road onto Gainsborough Road without entering the oncoming lane. We are very pleased than Waltham Forest Council has responded to residents concerns and improved the junction layout so that vehicles can now turn left safely. This is another successful FORA led campaign so well done to all who participated. FORA very much welcomes this spirit of consultation and communication between residents and Waltham Forest Council.

As you can see from this video cars are now able to turn left without entering the oncoming lane.

Thank you to Laura O’Callaghan from East London Guardian 

Looking down Kingswood Road

Dangerous Leytonstone Junction reported on by Waltham Forest Guardian

By Laura O’Callaghan Reporter for East London Guardian Phone: 07824530130

Drivers who use a junction which was altered by the council to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians say it’s an “accident waiting to happen”.

Waltham Forest Council introduced a blended ‘Copenhagen’ crossing at the junction of Kingswood Road and Grove Green Road, Leytonstone earlier this year.

Neighbours say due to the narrowness of the junction, they are forced to either mount the pavement when turning left onto Grove Green Road, or drive onto the path of oncoming traffic.

Although the aim of the Copenhagen crossing is to slow cars down, residents say its poor design has made the junction into a hazard for walkers and drivers alike.

Everald Campbell, 60, of Poppleton Road said: “When I’m turning I either have to come so close to the kerb that I’m on the pavement or go onto the opposite side of the road.

“These are two terrible options and you don’t have a safe way in turning left.

“The traffic on the opposite side of the road comes around the bend at speed and if you’re only a second out it can cause an accident. I’m extremely concerned about it.”

Read the full article here 

Read a previous blog post on this topic here 

Colworth Road Area CPZ Consultation Result

Waltham Forest Council carried out a consultation over the implementation of a CPZ (controlled Parking Zone) in the streets around Colworth Road Leytonstone E11. On 15th September residents were sent a letter with the results of the consultation. (see below).

Overall residents rejected the implementation of a CPZ  in the area (40% for 60% against) however there were considerable variations in different roads. Some roads voting, albeit from low response rates, in favour by 100%.    

The council has decided, in the light of these results, to implement a CPZ in part of the area. 

Points for consideration

  • Clearly some roads have greater parking pressure than others. 
  • The council makes considerable money from parking and has aggressively pushed CPZs across the borough
  • This is the second time residents have rejected a CPZ in Upper Leytonstone
  • Once implemented residents have little power to stop councils increasing residents parking permit fees above inflation
  • Non car users will affected too. They will have to buy books of parking tickets if they have family or trades people who might visit them
  • Implementing the CPZ partially will place greater pressure on those roads who have voted against the scheme
  • Having a parking permit does not guarantee you a place to park in your own road
  • Visitors to the hospital park in local roads outside the hours of the proposed parking restrictions
  • Implementing a CPZ encourages other areas to adopt CPZs so that over time the majority of roads in the country will have a CPZ.  You may therefore find it difficult and expensive to use your car to visit relatives and friends elsewhere
  • The introduction of CPZs is part of the wider council policy to reduce car use
  • Air pollution is a major problem in London and the south east
  • Most car journeys are short (average 0.75 mile)
  • Walking and cycling are better for the environment, your health and the health of others

Please let us know your thoughts on the council proposals to partially implement a CPZ in the area by commenting below or getting in touch via info.fora@hotmail.com

CPZ letter p1

CPZ Letter Page 1

CPZ letter page 2

CPZ letter Page 2

CPZ letter p3

CPZ letter page 3

Proposed CPZ Charges

Council seeks to implement a CPZ in Upper Leytonstone for second time

London Borough of Waltham Forest seeks consultation to implement a controlled parking zone in the streets around Colworth Road E11 after residents rejected a CPZ in the area following the 2012 Olympic Games.  

You can find the consultation document via the following link:- https://www.walthamforest.gov.uk/sites/default/files/173883%20WFC_LBWF%20CPZ%20Consultation_Colworth%20Area_Leaflet_V6_HIGH.pdf 

Please note the council have given only two weeks notice for residents to consider and respond to the consultation. The deadline for response is 30th June 2017.  

Please comment below or let FORA know your views via info.fora@hotmail.com 

Questions to consider:-

  • Will the charges go up each year?
  • Will non car owners incur extra charges to allow friends, relatives, contractors to visit them?
  • Will car owners be guaranteed a parking space?
  • What if car owners cannot park in their designated zone? 
Aircraft Noise

Airspaces Consultation – A further update by John Cryer MP

Many of you have been in touch since I sent out my email (which is below) about the complexity of the forms on the consultation website.
My team and I have looked over the consultation as well as speaking to HACANEast (who along with local Councillors have been a key ally in our campaign with City Airport).
I have a series of suggested points you might like to raise in your responses to the consultation. They are not exhaustive, and you may wish to raise others and your own experiences of noise what it means for your sleep patterns and health. Noise is a big contributory factor to things such as high blood pressure and stroke. Recently links have also been looked at between noise factors and dementia. You might also mention the effect upon the enjoyment of your home and air pollution from flights over the local area.
There is no need to fill in the online consultation. Better to send your own email to airspace.policy@dft.gsi.gov.uk or write to
This is an important consultation document because it is making useful proposals that would ensure that the way residents were treated when London City concentrated its flight paths will not be repeated.
Chapter 4
Modernizing Airspace: the procedures to be followed
 The introduction of brand-new flight paths
Many residents in the area are the victims of the inadequate procedures that were in place when London City introduced its concentrated flight paths last year.  The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has improved its procedures since then.  But, even under its new procedures, there is no appeal for residents if they do not like the new flights.  So you could say you agree with the proposal for the Secretary of State for Transport to be able to ‘call-in’ a flight path decision to look at it again.  But the consultation document suggests that call-in function should just apply to the bigger airports.  You might want to stress it is essential it applies to smaller airport like London City as well.
Chapter 4 also goes into proposed changes on Compensation
These not only include infrastructure, (such a runways) but also overflights!
Change the policy wording to remove the word ‘development’ in terms of when financial assistance towards insulation is expected so that compensation is applicable regardless of the type of change (infrastructure or airspace change);
Change the policy wording to allow for financial assistance towards insulation in the 63dB LAeq level or above to be applicable regardless of the level of change that causes a property to be in that noise contour level (i.e. remove requirement for a minimum 3dB change);
Inclusion of additional wording in the policy to encourage an airspace change promoter to consider compensation for significantly increased overflight as a result of the change based on appropriate metrics, which could be decided upon according to the local circumstances and economics of the change proposal; and
Include a requirement of an offer of full insulation to be paid for by the airport for homes within the 69dB LAeq or more contour, where the home owners do not want to move
They could always go further, you could however respond and welcome these proposed changes to financial compensation.

Chapter 5
Making Transparent Airspace Change Decisions
Respite, Concentration, Dispersal
Over the last decade noise from City Airport has caused problems but they were mainly limited to areas up to about 4-5 miles from the airport.  That all changed with the introduction of the concentrated flight paths when complaints started to come in from places 10 miles from the airport. 
You might want to welcome the importance put on respite in the consultation document.  You might want to suggest that City Airport is required to look at its concentrated routes again and see how it can offer some respite from the noise.
Metrics are how aircraft noise is measured.  The consultation is proposing improved metrics.  At the moment the Government only recognizes noise as being a serious problem to people very close to the airport.  This because it says that only when noise averages out over the year at 57 decibels is it a problem for people. 
The consultation is proposing to lower that limit to 51 decibels which is much better.  It still doesn’t cover everybody impacted by the noise but it is a big improvement.
Stipulating the 57dB LAeq contour as ‘the onset of community annoyance’ has caused deep-seated problems at London City Airport. 
Chapter 6
The Independent Noise Authority (ICCAN)
In East London in particular there is a deep sense amongst many residents and local authorities of being treated unfairly by London City Airport over many years. Residents would have welcomed an Independent Noise Authority to ensure fair play between them, the airport and Newham Council (the Planning Authority) as I imagine would residents further away in Waltham Forest and Redbridge. 
It is important that the Independent Noise Authority (ICCAN) that the consultation document proposes setting up is truly independent, has an Ombudsman-type role where it can investigate concerns of local communities and that it has enough “teeth” to ensure its recommendations stick.
There is no need to fill in the online consultation. Better to send your own email to airspace.policy@dft.gsi.gov.uk or write to Freepost UK AIRSPACE POLICY CONSULTATION.
You can answer online. However as I said at the beginning of this email and above. You could always email or write to them and make some of the points above, as well as sharing with them your experiences/concerns of living below the London City Airport and Heathrow flightpaths.
The deadline for the close of the consultation is 25th May.
If some of these proposals are taken up – such as compensation, I shall be looking to raise this with Ministers as to whether any residents of Leyton and Wanstead could be recipients.
Yours sincerely
John Cryer MP

FORA Litter Pick 1

FORA Spring Litter Pick

On Saturday 18th March 2017 lovely local volunteers generously gave their time to clean up Forest Glade Woods. Much rubbish was collected and we hope this encourages you to get out and enjoy the lovely woodland around Leytonstone.

FORA Litter Pick 2 18032017

A good job well done

Message from John Cryer MP

Aircraft Noise

Aircraft Noise

Only two weeks remaining to join my aircraft noise campaign!

There is only a fortnight left to show your support for my aircraft noise campaign.

For the last twelve months residents in Leyton, Leytonstone, Wanstead and Snaresbrook, plus other areas of East London, have been suffering under a new narrower, concentrated flight path serving London City Airport.

Nobody is saying that our area should be exempt from being overflown. Yet it is simply unfair that the residents under this path must put up with such a disproportionate share of the noise and pollution that air traffic brings.

Next month the Civil Aviation Authority and City Airport are getting together to look again at flight paths, so now is the time to show them how we feel. During the week beginning 6th February I will be hand-delivering my petition to City Airport.

I have been contacting homes directly under the flight paths and petition cards are still being sent out. The response so far has been terrific, but we need more names to make the strongest possible statement.

 My petition says:

“I/we urgently call on City Airport and the CAA to review the flights over Waltham Forest and Redbridge and to devise a fairer solution”

If you would like to add your name to this petition, please email cryercommunitycampaigns@hotmail.co.uk , with your name and address, and “AIRCRAFT NOISE” in the subject heading, without delay. If you use social media, by all means use it to share the campaign, and ask your friends and relatives to do the same.

Thanks for your support,

John Cryer MP

Changes to Junction of Kingswood Rd/Gainsborough/Grove Green Roads

As part of the Mini Holland scheme many changes have been made to roads and junctions across the borough with the aim of promoting walking, cycling, healthier living and reducing pollution. 

There are strong feelings among local residents about the scheme as roads are regularly grid locked and pollution is amongst the highest in the country. However, some of the changes do not simply slow traffic down but, we believe, increase the danger of accidents.   One example of this is the junction of Kingswood Road with Gainsborough/Grove Green Road. Here the new Mini Holland style junction has resulted in the introduction of a new bottleneck in traffic flow as vehicles cannot pass in both directions at once. The geometry of the junction is such that to turn left from Kingswood Road onto Gainsborough Road requires that you enter the oncoming lane. i.e. you have to enter the oncoming lane in order to enter the road, and vehicles turning left into Kingswood road are mounting the kerb when there is traffic queuing in the junction.

Dangerous Mini Holland Junction

Dangerous Mini Holland Junction

Clearly the Mini Holland scheme is new and will inevitably be a learning process but there is a strong feeling among local residents that  this particular junction is dangerous and will result in death or serious injury if it is not remodelled soon. FORA members have written to the council and local councillors but have been told this will be assessed in due course. We believe this dangerous junction should be reviewed as a matter of urgency before anyone is hurt.

New Planning Applications and Conservation

A number of planning applications which, in our view, contravene the conservation status of Upper Leytonstone have been observed recently.  Forest Residents Association remains determined and committed to protecting the special character of the area. There is a shortage of family sized housing in the borough and Leytonstone has a good stock of these houses. FORA would like to see Waltham Forest Council and Historic England uphold the conservation  order by:-

  • preventing housing being turned over to short term and or multiple occupancy
  • ensuring that listed properties are suitably maintained and protected
  • upholding the conservation order
  • supporting our community by encouraging longer term family occupancy in family housing

See here for a previous FORA post on planning

If you would like more information on these matters please get in touch