FORA Committee

Our Committee
FORA is governed by a committee that act voluntarily to carry out the work of the association.
The committee for the 2019-2020 year is:

Vaseem Gill                  Chair                                          31 Fladgate Rd 
Tony Fernandes         Deputy Chair                          101 Whipps Cross Rd
June Marvin                Treasurer                                  1 Dyson Rd         
Trevor Hurst                Community Liaison               21 Forest Glade
Heather Semmens   Membership Secretary        95 Poppleton Rd
Najma Mir                    Committee member            31 Fladgate Rd
Alan Marvin                 Committee member            1 Dyson Rd     

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How you can help
If you would like to volunteer to help support FORA you can:-
1. stand for election to the committee (the committee is elected at our AGM – usually in May)
2. act as a FORA representative for your street
3. volunteer on an ad hoc basis to help when you can
If you would like to talk about volunteering or standing for the FORA committee please contact any of the above listed committee members.
We appreciate all kinds of help including:-
Supporting our campaigns – see Current Campaigns page for details
Helping neighbours in need
Helping organise events
Reporting issues in your road
Recruiting new members
Litter pickups
If you have other ideas for supporting FORA please get back to us