Birding in Leytonstone



On 29th December FORA residents went on a winter birdwatch around Hollow Ponds and Wanstead Flats. No real rarities were encountered but we were still impressed with our day list which included: Grey Heron, Shoveler, Coot, Moorhen, Canada Goose, Greylag Goose, Mute Swan, Mallard duck, Gadwall duck, Black Headed Gull, Common Gull, Herring gull, Teal duck, Coal tit, Great tit, Blue tit, Long Tailed tit, Robin, Dunnock, Carrion Crow, Jay, Magpie, Woodpigeon, Stock Dove, Green Finch, Chaffinch, Redwing, Blackbird, Pied Wagtail, Goldcrest, Ring Necked Parakeet,  Great Spotted Woodpecker, and Green Woodpecker.  A big thanks to our birding expert Neil Twyford for opening the world of birds to us.


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